The Mercenary Army


And noremac let me join his branch but whenever u wanna battle I guess just let me know :slight_smile:


Thruzan is on the wanted list so that battle can complete your mission.


Oh nice okie


@Thruzan when will we battel


If you have read this chat Lord Thruzan has said organise battles on the discord.


When we both find the time. I’m should be online later today. @H20delrious1 @Welder


I’m ready when u are


Welder I will be happy to face you now

Warlord Ryu


Noremac may know me because I have been trolling him recently but 1.Mercenaries do not belong to an army 2. I guess mercenary fits you because you stabbed the simplicity of this game


I overall just don’t agree with one huge faction in the game, its grown now to where forming a new clan or faction is utter garbage work at best. Usually scoops them up before anyone else can really do anything to recruit and then you are left with three or four others asking to join and there went the fresh wave of new players. But mercenaries are hired into militaries not part of them, a separate form and nature of armed force usually alienated to an extent from main force. An army of mercs would symbolize no self support and would make it seem like an entirely non political diplomatic or strategic entity capable only of exact war. That makes it sound dead but when thruzan has nabbed probably 3/4s the population I can’t argue much because I would get bitten back. But honestly if the community were to grow we would need hella lot more options, and a lot more diversity with different styles of RP mechanics and etc to make it welcome to mixed idealisms and interests. As I understand you have nine members in your faction , I haven’t but one and have never had more than three, considering they all went from merc army to mine I have to say it just doesn’t flow with growth yet this community seems to ban growth as if it is sin, yet we will always be stuck this way if no one else wants a new change with new doors opened. Add in the community slowly turning sad with a lot of people holding majority over minority I dare say my two year enjoyment with this game has come to a halt with unfair FPS on a high level device with 4G speeds, and the fact nothing is happening besides situations controlled by about three people.


Wat just send me the link to the website you copy and pasted off of


I…I actually take that as a compliment? I most likely shouldn’t.


First of all there is no rule that says players cannot belong in more then one clan. Secondly, this community is so small that most ideas just dont get enough support to survive. Rather then coming back to complain about other creative attempts I suggest you make more of an effort to create more content.

I’m not trying to bite you, just barking a little. I would be happy to try an coordinate a better community effort with you and whoever else wants to dedicate their time. I am beginning to think that this game is not quite ready to support active clans. My efforts to give players something more too do in the 1srt ARF did not to pan out. Perhaps, I did not engage enough. I believe that it would be better if we could find something that engages active community members without relying on recruiting newbies.


How do you create something new if you have no resources to create with? The exact reason I made my one member clan and started immediate work on RP elements to see if I could get some players involved and get something going to liven it up a bit. Also yes I have considered the idea of starting as much as possible and attempting to enforce it but how do you enforce something with no starting base, I mean you have about four clans really and what if maybe one clan only followed that, it would fracture more. I’m attempting something extremely nonfail safe


One idea that I have is to create a campaign map. There would be some sort of story and the person running the campaign would control troops in a scripted manner. There would be some way to get points and those points could be exchanged from more troops on the next level.

This would require early access and a dedicated GM. It is something I would like to get around to when I have time. Eventually, I hope that something like this will be included in the game. Though I think the game is adequate as it is.


I simply wish the community would perk up in a few ways and get to running again, I have tried on and off a few times yet it seems no one responds unless a few people are included, a few certain group. Otherwise I mean yeah everyone if they wish to should join in and start up a few things, lights don’t turn on and doors don’t open by themselves!


I agree. It’s hard to create self sustaining community options. Maybe @Oregon_Puppy is right that my content is too complicated. The Hall of Champions, Alliance Bank, and Wanted thread, and 1st ARF met with initial interest, but never really got going.

Some good things have come along. It seems that round robin tournaments have worked out well. Posting victory screenshots seems to be the best way to get prestige in battle. Creating and joining clans is fun, but usually doesn’t amount to anything. With the new tactics category there should be something new to do. But this seems to be the extent of the community.

We need to come up with something accessable to all players: new and old. Maybe a month long team battle? Have two teams that players are assigned to fairly. Keep track of victories with screenshots and see who wins in the end.

Idk if that will work. Maybe it would be more fun to do something that didn’t rely on screenshots or gameplay.


I’ve got an idea, let me think on if it would work and I’ll get back to you.


We are merc we get paid to be part of one😉


And for real how did you troll noremac i can barley beat him :joy: