The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


It dont matter he didnt post it anyway so they wont count but next time kill his gen and keep yours alive after 15 min and post it will count as a victory if he has range and cav left but no infantry


But scipio can post using a screen of these and claim lands by witnessed battle rule since scipio is part of crini mongle hord clan he will make gains in territory map IF he post them so be sure to eliminate his general within 15 min mark or if you lose yours be sure to kill his and his will be a draw but also applies to us


I dont know what in your little game concider “inconclusive” or a “win” or a “loss” and to tell you the truth Indont give a fuck! And you can make all the rules you want, I am not part of any of it! I obide by the SW rules… If you have made up a rule a game is concidered inconclusive because your mom tells you its dinner and you have to go, or you have to sleep, or for whatever reason you feel like you have to leave the game…bored etc. you have given up and you can stick that rule up your ass, you dont make rules! Ungman makes rules!

So post on your thread with whatever the fuck rules you want and have agreed upon, as I said before…Im not part of it!


And I misunderstood scipio actually, he is not part of my clan…I dont have a clan!


Lol i counted those wins even the ones i quit that u posted but who cares lol u couldnt win cause your less surpiorior jk :grin::+1: dont worry crini a few more loses that are sure to come whether your playing or not youll be banished from the face of the earth only the strong survive and u dont have the stone’s to push foward and hang with conquers :grin::point_right::point_left::skull::eyes::clap::ok_hand::dizzy::grin::hear_no_evil::skull::+1:


U really should respect my wish to not participate in ur game


Why dont u respect my wish for not running we dont always get what we wish for. Plus if you just dont go in my post u wont participate its that simple


ok, done with ur posts


We will see


We will see what?


Hey do what you will it, Im not gona beg you! I’m merely saying, you should…it would be the best thing to do for both of us!


Lol nah ill just keep ot how it is. Poor scipio you got his hopes up lol ur wrong man


You sure!? You have the chance to do the right thing here!


Do the right thing man!


I know its hard Centurion…but its not that hard!


Lol u have the ability to not run every battle lol BUT


I see u have reached a point of a feeling of psychological superiority and advantage…well…Shame u had to go that rout!


Shame shame


Why just not look at post why do you wanna be completetly removed


I had a simple wish once…