The Mongol Horde pillages and raids!


The leader of the SOF is not only well educated in the classical sciences, he has a sophisticated sence of humour! A worthy foe…


Scipio you push me to sarcasm like no one else! But seriously! Yes it’s me…in my sunday dress as I am on my way to church seducing dirty minded, d&d role-playing pastors! I am really a girl, that’s why I run and act cowardly!




I’m the dude in the back drunk falling off my horse looking for the rabbit I lost earlier to eat…


When mofers start loosing and ask: “commander vs commander”…but that question never comes if the battle is swingingin in favour of those worms!

Theydeserved to be flawed alive and burned!


The most beautifull game I ever played



Crni has been rather silent today did the loses sufferd discourage the Mongol horde khan


Which losses, the custom mega battle? I have to turn my sleep around, cant be up all night all the time! You make it sound like I suffered some streak or smthng


Custom regular take ur pick you have yet to win 1


Lol a streak is putting it lightly u haven’t won 1 in the latest 6 or so battles


More like four Centurion…U have had losing streaks like that aswell! And I have beaten everyone else! Anyway I was referring to a general loosing streak in the game actually, not to one player…Do you really concider yourself of such importance that I would stop playing if I loose a couple of times against you! Stop it Cent…ur being ridiculous!


Our last battles have been quite enjoyable and very close actually (exept ur that custom one), you even started talking how boring it was and when that talk comes we know ur struggling! I actually thought it was fantastic back and forward battles…when I write “fantastic” I mean “fantastic”! Actually if anything I have been winning too much…exept the few vs you! And many good old players have been missing…at least in my time zone!


There are no more good players only decent ones like me cent and duderino you are to but you run way to much


Who u calling decent im elite, your decent you have yet to beat me twice in a roll you’ve won every now and then but there are other lesser players beat me every now and then when im bullshitting around or luck happends to favor them


Ha you haven’t beaten Zhao unless he bullshits around same goes for Nox your not that good plus I have beaten you last two games in a row lol even Zhao said your decent lol


Lol yet in a post he says im the only challenge lol u never beat me twice in a row if u think u can lets battle


I can’t arm I will in about one hour or two


Who saise I’m the only challenge ?


When they “Gtg” with 5 sec left of the match! You aint got to go…you got nuthin left!