The Parsian Empire


The Parsian Empire


The Parsians are so powerful that they are feared by the Kingdom of Tseng, Umardoloth and Jayixthenland. These nations are so afraid of Pars to the point that they stir lies and deception.


In the first centuries of SW, the land of Pars was divided. There were many kingdoms over the land. These kingdoms would rent their military to other nations. Pars was known as a land of mercenaries. Then in the year 313, Pars was invaded by Leydel. The bands of mercenaries and kingdoms were startled, as a result, the Leydelian forces wrecked havoc throughout Pars. By the time the Leydelian forces began to move in-land, the Kingdoms of Pars came together to hold a meeting. People from all over Pars came in massive numbers to participate and witness of this great reunion. The land of Pars was united under a single banner to drive the barbaric Leydelians out. The Leaders of Pars appointed Mercenary Lord Thruzan to lead the Parsian mercenaries and warriors. Lord Thruzan expelled the Leydelians within a year and began to push into Leydelian lands. Shortly thereafter the Pars-Leydel treaty was enacted in which peace was reinstated. A year later in 316, Lord Thruzan was appointed High Lord of Pars.
Shortly after High Lord Thruzanā€™s appointment, the Parsian export of goods was halted. Because Parsian merchandise stayed within its borders, Pars became economically independent. Parsians became proud that they needed no one but themselves to thrive. Then after 54 years of self enrichment, in 370, parliament passed a law permitting Parsian export. At the same time, import was made increasingly difficult under the Export Only act instituted in 371. By 374, Parsian made goods became exalted for quality and expertise. Parsā€™ export trade was thriving, pouring even more riches into the motherland.
By the year 319, Parsian government was fully organized as a representative government. Pars was divided into 9 prefectures, from which the people elect 4 representatives for parliament and 2 people for local leadership (one for economic sectors and one for industrial sectors).



Pars conquered the lands of Rems and Lossa. In the year 392, the foolish leaders of Lossa attempted to bribe the Parsian 5th Main Mercenary Force (MMF) into aiding a direct assault against the Capital of Pars. Once this information reached High Lord Thruzan, the decision was made to conquer the underestimating Lossans. A scheme was put in place as though the 5th MMF was successfully hired by them.
The 5th MMF marched to the Pars - Lossa border and met up with the Lossan Army in the valley of Spiril. The Parsian 3rd Advanced Recon Force (ARF) trailed the the 5th MMF to the destination and waited till dark. The 3rd ARF attacked the northern flank, startling the Lossan Army. By the time the Lossans realized the situation and regrouped to counter the 3rd ARF, they had received massive casualties. Then the 5th MMF flanked the remaining Lossan forces and finished the battle.
Shortly after the Parsian victory in the Valley of Spiril, the 5th MMF and the 1st MMF quickly surrounded the capital of Lossa called Kirea. The Lossans attempted to break the Siege of Lossa with their Western Army but, the Parsian 3rd ARF brilliantly located and crushed them before they arrived to Lossa. The prideful, power hungry, selfish Lossan government surrendered and the city of Lossa fell to Pars.
Toward the East of Lossa lies Rem. When Rem received the news that Pars was rampantly conquering Lossa, they quickly set out to claim some land for themselves. By the time the Parsians began expanding East, the Armies of Rem had claimed the Eastern front all the way to Keba. High Lord Thruzan sent an envoy to the Remish forces at Keba which resulted in a no-aggression pact between the two nations. Then after realizing the Remish forces would continue to move West till they meet Parsian forces, High Lord Thruzan dispatched the 1st PMF and the 4th PMF to secure the Eastern Remish-Parsian Front. Shortly after, word was received that Rem broke the non-aggression pact and attacked the 4th PMF near the Northern borderlands. The 4th PMF received great casualties that day. Pars declares war upon Rem.
Once war was declared upon Rem, High Lord Thruzan dispatched the 7th ARF to fill the gap in Lossa and the 6th PMF to assault Rem directly. The Parsian forces on the Eastern Lossan battlefront were ordered to push the Armies of Rem out of Lossa and the 6th PMF to capture the Main city of Ephesus. The Parsians overwhelmed the Remish forces with their advanced tactics ingenuity and their higher knowledge of war. Battles were fought quickly and within 6 months the Remish government fell and the Parsians had minimal causalities compared to Remā€™s.
Not only did the people of Lossa and Rem know their government and old systems of leadership were broken and corrupt, but the Parsians also knew. Once order was established within these new conquered states, a representative government was put in place and the people of Lossa and Rem had freedom like never before even though they were now provinces of the New Parsian Empire. This resulted in great respect for the Parsians because Pars improved their standard of life significantly.


Main Cities: Konha, Lodes, Sheva, Trius, Volvak

Nation States of the Parsian Empire

Nation States are governed by a Governor apointed by High Lord Thruzan


Main Cities: Ephesus, Galatia, Ereign, Astute
Governor: High General Deathbringer
Rem is a nation of Commerce and Trade. They are known as the Great Merchants because of the great amount of import and export passing through her.


Main Cities: Kirea, Keba, Spiril, Hove
Corlossa is a land of rolling plains known for its agricultural produce. They produce the highest quality of grains and export them with great profit.


In the Parsian Mititary there are three main Divisions. The Mercenary Main Division, the Advanced Recon Force and the Parsian Main Force. Each has 7 Sub-Divisions

  • Mercenary Military Divisions

1st Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦
Known as Heavy Weight

2nd Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦
Known as Dragonā€™s Thunder

3rd Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦
Known as the Pack of Wolves

4th Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦ General XxPersiusxX

5th Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦
Known as Hidden Blade

6th Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦

7th Mercenary Military Force [MMF] underā€¦
Known as The Seventh Spear

  • Advanced Recon Division

1st Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦

2nd Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦

3rd Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦ General Stella Ballad
Known as ā€˜The Silent Eyes of the Empireā€™

4th Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦

5th Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦ General Ilan

6th Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦

7th Advanced Recon Force [ARF] underā€¦
Known as the Mercenary Army of Plunder

  • Parsian Main Division

1st Main Force [PMF] underā€¦ General Deathbringer
Known as the Crazy Army of Conquest. Also known for using unhinged and divide strategies to sweep the Land of Rem.

2nd Main Force [PMF] underā€¦

3rd Main Force [PMF] underā€¦

4th Main Force [PMF] underā€¦

5th Main Force [PMF] underā€¦
The Stone Wall of the Parsian forces

6th Main Force [PMF] underā€¦

7th Main Force [PMF] underā€¦

138-192 The settlement of Parsian lands
313 Pars invaded by Leydel
Pars unites. High Lord Thruzan appointed as High General of the Parsian Forces
314 Pars drives Leydelians out
315 Pars - Leydel Treaty
316 Lord Thruzan appointed High Lord of Pars by the people
The ā€˜Pars Firstā€™ act halts all export
319 Pars representative government fully organized into representative government.
320 Parsian Mercenary trade recognized by the Government. Mercenary laws passed and instituted.
322 All Parsian International Mercenary Trade officially passes through the Government
327 The Year of Parsian Military Reform
329 Volvak Naval city port opened
373-461 The Era of Parsian Good Feelings
374 Marks the start of the Parsian Sea and Land Export trade thriving in SW
375 Marks the official start of Parsian Official Mercenary Army
379 Pars - Leydel Relations improve

In most recent times, Pars is still a land of mercenaries. Parsians are known as mercenaries that can be hired by other countries and people. Being a mercenary is the #1 occupation in Pars. Because of this the Parsian Military is about 70-80% mercenaries. Also the Parsian Government offers a part of their military for hire to other nations, this army is known as a Mercenary Army.

As a Mercenary, u shall notā€¦
Interfere in someone elseā€™s bounty or job
Take advantage of your brethren in battle or at home

As a Mercenary, u shallā€¦
Be honorable and respectful
Fight for your home and country of Pars before all

Recruitment is open!

If u wish to join the Parsian Empire, ask in the forum below. You will be appointed your own Mercenary Force and if found worthy, appointed to a Leadership position in the Government of Pars.


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Pars is a Land of mercenaries! Parsians are known for being mercenaries that can be hired by other countries and people. Being a mercenary is the #1 occupation in Pars.
I say Parsian Mercenary Forces because the Parsian army is composed of Parsians that are mostly mercenaries! About 70-80% of the Parsian army would be skilled mercenaries. Also the Parsian Government offers a part of their military for hire to other nations, this army is known as a Mercenary Army.



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Do use ā€œParsā€ for Iran?


Sir me a skilled combat leader in the fields of long range warriors and short range wish to become a Parsain mercinary force and join your kingdom.Please let me join your Clan.


And so u shall join! Lord Persiusā€¦ Your skills shall be tested in combat to confirm your rank within the Parsian Empire.

High Lord Thruzan


Mercenaries are people that can be hired to do a specific job for money. The Parsian government has an organized local and national mercenary division that handles all forms of jobs. These jobs range from aiding an old lady clean her house to militaristic aid for foreign nations.

Kasraā€¦ I recommend u read what I wroteā€¦ I donā€™t really want to summarize.

High Lord Thruzan


Thank you high lord ,it is an honor.


Id like to join


And Join u shall!
I High Lord Thruzan of Pars accepts General Reza_Ghosoury into the Parsian Empire. However, Your skills shall be tested in combat to confirm your rank within the Parsian Empire. Are u ready?

High Lord Thruzan


Me and my dear friend who are closer than brothers both in battle and out of battle are interested in becoming a part of your empire although we can become inactive at times we wish not to hinder prosperity. Only if that is okay with you??


Someone accept me into a clan please