The persecutions


We all run into players who at the end of a game have fewer units or a certain disadvantage start running around the map without stopping. The problem with this is not the people who do it because it can be done.The problem is that the game allows it.

The problem is that if you chase one unit with another and you charge the enemy it does not suffer any damage except that you hook a little with lancers that are the only ones that cause some deaths the other types of units do nothing . By not suffering damage the player who is running the game never ends and becomes very heavy for the other player.


All I can say from experience is to just leave the game lol…official wins and losses don’t mean anything to me as long as I have fun and enjoy the game. Don’t waste your time chasing them :slight_smile: you know you won so just walk away. It’s frustrating sometimes because you want to show them but until the game changes we can only be happy knowing we don’t have to sit there and chase them :slight_smile: leave the game and start a new one! Plenty of players that will run and engage.


Yes thanks.


Most of the time they get chased down and killed! The ones who decide to run with the extremely fast archer cav without s posibillity of winning are the ones that suck anyway! Just make sure you have a cav unit left to chase! Running infantry is doomed anyways so…I dont see a problem really!


The problem Is persons like you because if infanteri rush the proyectiles don’t kill soldiers in the unit and you run and run.


Not being able to win with the whole army at the end of the game, you dedicate to do this so that “Victori” appears at the top.


Here we go again? Victory appeares after your troops have been slaughtered or you realise the hopelessness of the situation! Train to keep your cav and range alive friend! I believe in you, you show actually some potentiall! Dont let frustration get the better of you pendejo!


I think this is a dilemma between realism and playability. Retreat usually has an advantage over pursuit(*). What would a good solution look like?

(*) see:


I wouldnt say “usually”, its how u attack! Get skilled is the ultimate sollution!


Gabriel lost all his cav and range…that lost him the advantage! It was never about pursuit or retreat!


Playing with you I have become very good at dodging arrows.


I think there should be a yin yang process with retreating for example maybe the spear cav can be faster and have the ability to inflict heavy damage and the general can tangle up the fleeing enemy alowing a strategy potential to these units and keeping these alive to allow the army to chase down stragglers. Or maybe there can be some sort or sheild wall or better resistance to an enemy when they run threw infantry unit, i notice if a unit is fleeing they can run threw my units almost untouched or they suffer very few losses when running threw my persuing units ide have to box them in over and over(10+ times) to have any effect. Maybe the damage of infantry vs projectiles/range units can be magnified cutting the amount of times the feeing enemy can run threw heavier units attempting to trap the retreaters, this would still leave the advantage to retreat but make it costly if the enemy manages to coner you in or box you in if your fleeing cutting down the annoying time spent on trying to kill an opponent running away to just prolong a losing game. The way it is now is a fleeing unit has a greater advantage by just running threw your persuing units nearly untouched