The persecutions


Of course you can shoot and run. No Mas once took out 6 of my infantry units with one archer unit…he gains the distance just enough to shoot one or twice then runs again. 2 archers and one katana can take out anything opponent without mounted units, unless your opponent is more skilled.

Sure it was an hour’s game that time with No Mas, but I don’t see his running as cowardice-it was an accurate assessment of the tactical situation, because he knew he could win.

I too can’t stand lousy players who run just to drag it out, they lost the battle, the tactical situation does not allow a comeback but they’d run anyway. I encountered one guy like that 2 days ago, a new player maybe, but he had one horse unit, no archers, I had 10 units…so I just sent my units running after him on auto. .and had my dinner, had a shower…he gave up in the end.

No matter what the rules are of any game, there’s always a loophole that people will exploit. I don’t see No Mas or Centurion complaining because I hardly get the chance to run with them-they beat me well and truly.


Not everybody want to chase 1 archer unit around the damn map for a hour fam that shit wack nobody has ever ever ever beat me with 1 or even 2 archers and a katana


And its different if you run and set up a defense but now im just gonna make my troops run around and ima start making the units stretch out next time somebody runs with 1 archer cav and 2 katanas


Its a shite tactic to make someone who beat you fair and square. And you attempt to make them quit in anger


In the state the game is in there’s no reason to do any conventional tactics that should be decisive and effective tactics


You do make a good point there are too many loopholes and bugs just like the main reason i dont play default is because half the maps archer fire is nearly impossible everywhere but a few places


There should be penalties to being surrounded or being pincered


So there can be more variety with tactics


There’s some work that needs to be done too many players use the bullshit infinite ammo and horse archer to run and fight and it’s bull shit


Players like you will allways find something to complain about!


Ya even when you play that bull shit style I still beat you…players like you always run at the end with a single unit I seen how you play lol


That’s why log off then play so people don’t call you out on it…piss off


Just sign the contract big boy…untill then ur banned playing one on one like Rodrik was! Im watching…start a one on one default game and I will merk you! Rodrik had also a lot of shit to say…after he stepped up…not that much to say! Step up…man up!


Just sign the contract big boy! That’s what Mike Tyson the UFC guy when he challenged him lol


Mike Tyson did boxing not mixed martial arts


I know but a martial arts guy challenged him to a fight I forgot his name though


So Ya lol


Yo get off my nuts nigga you really getting annoying with yo wack ass dont nobody give a fuck about you or this damn game dont you got something better to do get a fucking hobby quit bringing my name up like you gay you soft ass fruit cake you not good at this game fam all you do if you lose is run like a coward it dont even matter you see yo punk ass scared to battle on a custom map because you already know whats gonna happen fam get off my dick take my nuts out ya mouth an log yo punk ass out like you do and stalk someone else


What? You want me to set up a custom map for us? I thought we settled who is good and who sucks between us! Or is it only when you or Tulak set up the game you will agree to battle…man…the SOF as usual with some bullshit! I tell you what, we can make best out of three…ur custom, my custom and a neutral default!


And the looser admitts he/she has a brain the size of a hazelnut! Like, “yea am a stupid cunt with a brain the size of a hazelnut” :+1:t2:? :handshake:??