The problem of projectiles


The projectile units have infinite ammunition and that makes the players have to always play projectiles making the game more static. One solution would be to make the projectiles have a certain amount of ammunition so that it would be more realistic and more dynamic.


I totally agree…players have grown accustomed to using ranged units to essentially win their wars but I doubt a real battle field is always that simple, sometimes I’m sure but most of the time no…their tactics would definitely change and certain ways to win would go right out the window…force players to actually think war strategically and force to engage instead of firing and running away…all ground units should be the same speed…all those arrows jumping around and falling out while one Gallops and the amount of ammo they would have would definitely slow them down compared to a mounted close range when pretty much carrying what you are using like a sword or spear…much easier to handle and ride with I can imagine


I guess Gabriel is not doing too good in gameplay! I know for a fact Tulak isnt…


Haha damn…I suck at this game


I dont understand what Gabriel is talking about we had a match and there was nothing static about it…hardly fired any arrows…untill the end at least…gg bro


GG for my.


Gabriels next complaint: “Archers are unrealisticly fast in my oppinion?”


everyone wants this in the beginning but at the end once you get the hang of it you retract


No. Arquers velociti are good because archers they do not have as much armor and run more.


Archers gotta Carry arrows extra bows and other things like close combat weapons too in a real battle…archers are trained just to shoot essentially while infantry are trained again and again in running and battle…would make sense they would be faster being accustomed to walking on the harshest parts of a battle field and always chasing routing archers throughout history…I personally hate it that archers are faster but it is what it is


Well thats kind of…your own logic right there! Anyone care to dispute???


The archers don’t have infinite ammunition.


The haters dont have infinite hate for the archers is also a sollution hehe!


The archers do not have infinite ammunition hehe.


But I’m satisfied.


Ok serious now, then everybody would start camping so they can save some ammo and stuff and other precautions, but you know! I am willing to try it…but then infantry cant be able to outrun arrows and accuracy must become a bit more realistic…like if cav is running infront of them, realism would say that they would shoot abit infront so cav would ride into the arrows…or if infantry is running abit infront aswell! Limit the ammo…increase the “intelligence”! If they are in the state they are in now…limiting ammo would hurt gameplay! Although I know some here would like to have an exclusively melé game…


I would not like the game to be mele, I like that you have to play with the projectiles. You may be right that the game is ruined by delimiting the ammunition. I just planted the possibility.


Campining is something that was done in real battles


Im not against camping


I think it is good because it means that they can outrun encumbered infantry.