The problem of projectiles


Are you on


Nah soz. Am making a banner.


Where is Map?


In the SOF page.



Do we haft to saile to each island


Yes, I think I’m gonna include a fleet mechanic. Would have to avoid sea battles tho. Could use some sort of auto-resolve.


You think what is good? A lot has been said! And dont you have your SOF or Territory or whatever thread for this map thing?


The archers speed.


Philosophically, a distance weapon is only good if you’re able to keep the distance. So I would say that running practice is just as important for archers.


They’d have wagons to carry the arrows sir


I like the idea of limited ammo for range unit. More realistic… But… having a gauge showing the stock of arrows / bullet left in the tank for each archer unit will probably create design issues… Esp. for small screens.


But if limmited ammo make them maybe a bit less defenceless!


The projectile units are the most ope units of the entire game. A small limitation in any aspect would balance them.


Some (just some) interesting context to this. Not so unrealistic that projectiles are unlimited after all.


Then include a reload mechanic. Ranged must retreat to the supply line (maybe on edge of map) there would be carts there. Remain by the carts 4 a certain time and u good.


u meant unbalance them…then u meant good


Balance them.


After ten volleys (or more) each and about 3-4-5 min of 4 range vs one inf, you can see how many kills I got…If ammo is to be limited…make them less ridiculously ineffective…in these situations at least! They can be damn effective in other situations though


The problem is that with a single unit of projectiles you can kill the world population of the earth infinitely many times. It does not seem fair to me.