The problem of projectiles


It seems to me very well that you like projectiles (to whom not, with infinite ammunition) but I think it is a bit excessive that they have infinite ammunition.


It should be limited because the game only deals with archers and the grace is to play with all the units, not to shoot the Ememigo army with 10 million arrows.


The problem is that the infinite ammunition breaks the game in the sense of playing.


Ok I understand the problematics with infinite ammo! But you dont understand the problematics involving the comment and screen I posted?


Furthermore try to let go of your emotions from recent losses and look at the problem from all different angles, not only the ones concerning your battle fortune!


The same thing. Take advantage of the infinite ammunition to run and shoot during the half hour.


I think you could reach an agreement. I propose to limit to 50 rounds per unit.


Its like am talking to a wall here…WE UNDERSTAND that there infinite ammo could be problematic, but in the process of maybe possibly making it limited in the future, some issues are going to have to be solved…NOT BEING ABLE TO KILL MORE THAN ONE TROOP IN A UNIT IN A 4 vs 1 SITUATION for 3-4 minutes is one of those issues! I understand ur dissapointment of being shot at because u lost ur range and cav…but u mostly repeat urself…limited ammo limmited ammo limmited ammo…


Like…u use the word “balance” but there is no balance in ur arguments!


Anyway…does anybody know how to unmark a target, without marking another target?!


Press Fire on the Command screen. The unit will return to Fire At Will.


Press what on tye command screen?


What is more absurd is that in the photo you have sent I have been chasing you for half an hour or more and you have been designing me all the time, normally you take me to a unit, if they shoot in parabola it is difficult Give a unit that is running and has few soldiers, took a very long time to kill me 3 units of mele touched and one unit of catanas practically intact to projectiles.


I complain about something absurd like not being able to kill a unit faster because you have projectiles shooting at it.


Exactly…four units chasing four a cher units…shouldnt take half hour to shoot down…it was absurd!


Fire on the tab below. With run and walk and hold.


Thanx I worked it out