The Prospects of a map design contest


I would like to discuss the prospects of having a monthly or weekly map design contest. Given that these maps will be judged in different criterias and revolving on a certain theme.


Great idea!

I’m working on improving the map save functionality, making it easy to store and share maps.


Swell for now :slight_smile: , i guess we need some judges and people who are willing to post their screenshots


I would do it as a map designer. Though I’m not the best I can create good simple maps


I would be down to do this or legit 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments


I would be able to do it maybe as a judge


Nikodil who ever has the best map we can use it as the random map :zap:️:space_invader::zap:


For tournaments


Actually we will make a official tournament map and probably keep it for a few then change the tournament and if interest comes for 2v2 or more we can do that. But currently it is up to the mods aka me and fireweaver, how they are executed and planned so for future tournament requests tell me or fireweaver as we communicate often it will hit both of us.


I’ve been a designer for years. Would really like to make a custom map


I would love to do a map design contest!


Idk if we are ever going to do one , however if you have maps that you make that are pretty good you can drop a screenshot here, this might compell others to do so too.

Who knows your map might be good enought to become an official map for the game, though thatvis not for me to say …


Tight pass








the battle of thermopylae


Twin peaks


Fair game


Six rivers