The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


Yeep i play


Whomst are you


He is one of the generals


Yo i just joined and i am a skilled tactician


Ok my friend just be active at least on weekend’s what general you. Wana be under


What general you wana be under

the White Wolves my personal bodyguard I forgot the other flags are on my other phone but there is colonel @Grayrider64 capitan @EdoMutako and Lord @Brius


Thomas battle me


Wherever I am needed


You guys have nice flags but need to work on your strategy.
:japanese_ogre: :skull_and_crossbones::v:


Well most the time my mom wont let me use phone so I cant take time to get you off your hill and I dont have the patience and I nead a bit more practise


Last one I had to go


Lol get yourself a job then buy your own phone problem solved


HorseLord I would like to branch off and make a clan to serve the RMG I would like to ask your permission to do so.


Sorry I made a clan if anyone wants to join it’s the R.O.T


We are allies of the RMG


Not a branch off


The ROT and their allies declare war on the RMG


Let the war begin


Why would you do that my friend my clan is the most powerful at the moment


Hello,Im new in the game and i would like to join your clan