The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


So many people in our clan lmao




Ya but we nead to be more of a cualaty not quantaty army we nead to trayn


Can I get a promotion plox thanks


why we don’t create box chat in facebook, i am not good at english and i can’t use this forum usally


I no have facebook


I am zhao yun , I’m proud to fight with you


Very well you will be general


Casa_Greyjoy_escudo @Zhao_Yun general of the Royal Mercenary Marines


Love the banner :smiley: I won’t let it drop


Very well just be active that’s all that I ask


Can I be general? I beat gayrider


Sorry man see gray rider is high cuz he joined clan very early


But you can be under my banner as my Royal guard


This is my banner
The crusaders


Ok I will add you tomorrow


I guess I’ll just get some money in the mean time,


Post on territory wars and warriors bank


Hay rommel is it alright if I add you under a nother player or me I have seen that you still nead a lot of practise and this is why im doing this


I would rather you not I’d like to stay in the position I’m in at the moment but it’s your clan so do what you wish