The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


I will be on in 1 min k


are we in a job right now or are we still waiting to be hired


No we are fighting for territory on war mqp


do i change my username or my real name
if it is the user name how do i do it


Just asking


Where is centurion these days


He left like Thruzan except he left because of new players centurion left cuz of the old players coming back and he was scared


so how do i sign up for the territory war


Ok just go to it and add screen shots tell centurión you are RMG


are you there


Why would centurion be scared


why is he scared


Is he scared of competition from old players


I was just kidding but maybe


I wish for troops to command . If our clan understands my tactics they will be almost invincible


Lol scipio if its one thing you should know by now is im never scared of compitition EVER. Zhao is a good player an elite but uses camper tactics and its very hard to beat this even though I’ve beat him in the past its never easy to beat an (elite)camper, moderate campers crumble in the face of my army. Ive been busy and probly will be here on out currently ima have to start working overtime so i will probly be absent for awhile but ill try to play when i have time I’ll update soon


Bruh I fought you in the open feild, you just bonsai charge me every time , and you having beaten me in a very long time. When I fought you in the open your army was routed


If your going to go into mele then I will camp you to your grave, I set up a defense first usually before I attack , however you attack emidiatly , so taking hills and forest and using them to my advantage is the best way to defeat you. If you didn’t rush hardcore I would advance soon after I set up. Is there anything wrong in playing into my strength and your weekness


He is right cent


Lol i never said it was dumb or stupid tactic i just said its hard to beat, scipio brought me into this by saying i was scared if you read above :point_up_2:post he says it without saying lol. I play the way i play knowing in some cases i might not succeed it makes no difference too me i like good battles and any times i play an elite it is a pleasure win or lose i respect you Zaoh. I just stated i beat you before to let them know i know i can win if we play enough, as scipio thinks i would shy to battle because i probly wont win right now. I charge because it makes the game fast because of my limited time my charges are all differant and the same as we play more often i will adjust but i look forward to playing you more your a great skilled foe