The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF




Men we will be closing this clan to be start a new one @Zhao_Yun we needed you on discord to decide what to name it


where can we sign up and whats the discord


I won’t get discord , sorry , however I will join your new clan


What do we call it Sons of the Fallen or Holy Roman Republic


Whats your vote gona be


Holy Roman Republic


Sons of the Fallen wone by 1 vote



Am back xdddd


Hi I am new to the game and new to the clan process, would love to join was going to join another clan but realised it had merged w this one.


were you joining the samurai trainee one? i was too. this clan is now joined to Sons Of The Fallen,also run by the horselord, which currently doesn’t have a place in forum, but probably will when you are reading this . but, the discord, usually the main platform for clan events, is up-and running. here is the link. join the discord, and no more posting on this thread.


click de link


I’m back everyone


Sup we are no longer RMG we are now SOF




I’m I still in


Ya but go to [SOF] now


This clan is now disbanded and we are now Sons of the Fallen so go to that page if you want yo join