The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


K bro


I’m on again if your up for a rematch


I want a rematch


I am always up for rematch


Bro weirdest battle i won by making the enemy friendly fire


If your archer is shooting one enemy while your infantry is attacking that one, then your archers are going to hit your infantry




The guy just kept sending his men


Well not a good idea.


While my spear cavalry kept running around


Fox you saw the battle right?


If really attacking, consider picking a single unit out using 2 or more troops, so they die faster. Also never attack an infantry with 1 calvalry, they have less numbers




Can you put R.M.G in front of your name? Not username just name, so we know


Buy the cavalry could do big damage with none spear units


And while the enemy clumps up against your cav you could start archering


It can, but it’s in and out, quick battles with archers, or picking out already injured troops, or else infantry outnumbers the calvalry


Yeah but mostly depends on your enemys tactics


Did you change name yet?