The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


Click on my profile, here hsould be something like RMG lieutenantColonel or something, yeah jsu add rmg infont


I dont know how to change my name


I’ve done that a lot in the past. It is more dangerous with guns now.

A sub set of this strategy is to flank the enemies line and run your unit the your archer’s kill field. If you hit the edge and keep the unit moving it shouldn’t die. You can send a cavalry unit in first to distract.


… dot dot dot


The guns almost have no delay or bullet ead, no matter if your running or not, if it shoots, it hits you


Most experienced player make the same plan again and again


Spears at first row them sword then archers


Then cav brings out the enemy


Positioning is really important too. Once both players are fighting to get the better position you have to start attacking from different angles or two angles at once.


I try to change it up but that is the key to winning i change tactcs cause its fun sometimes i let my range die and put me at a disadvantage to see if i can win with inf cav units


Your really that good centurion?


He is


FYI i just beat him


Hehe >:)


He’s holding back, its just for educational purposes, if he actually played properly he would’ve rekt us


Any screenshot of proof?






I have


Post it to warrio bank and earn some money