The Royal Mercenary Guard: (Disbanded) we are now SOF


I just dont know how to show it


Post the picture, there is a hard disk with an arrow pointing upwards symbol, press that and then choose pictues to post





Alright, now post that to warrior bank


Warrior bank?


Its in roleplay, The Warrior Bank


You earn gold, silver or copper if post victories


He beat me but are devices dont synce well his units jump aka telaport ide be fighting his inf. 1 sec then the next there 40 yards away


The whole army does that its quite frustrating




I did not know


If things like that happened in real life the face reaction of the ones being charged at would be funny.hahaha


They’de be aliens




When you post to territory wars thread map ill place you on map btw whos clan are you in or are you fighting ronin/merc/warlord


We are like the greeks and romans


Although on map you have rome i have greek


Lol i got ran outta rome by @Nox.a few updates back


Oh lol