The start of the T.R.R clan(The Roman Republic is recruting )


Ya man you will be asighned your army that you will lead in 3 houers k


A challenge to your clan battle and take rome, post a screen shot of any victory and fill a empty spot

Your men are here this is a recrui


I got fooly now


He is defeacting to ur clan??? If he is have him switch his name


I dont know


Wht do you mean you got fooly???


Ya well he is on my map that you made for clan


do you mean in battle or clan


No thats the lower rank map


In clan …


But i have recently merrged them thats not just 4 ur clan lol


Unless he spacificly said i wanna join ur clan


Oh no just cuz of the map I mean No Mass is getting to be a paine with his tactics


Ya its a bitch chasing that guy but he is defeatable but you have to have alote of time. Thats y im making map for myself to give those grinding games a purpose, anyone can play but its really for me im going to earn my territory threw defeating those on map 1 by 1 leading from rome to all streatches going threw all roads and rivers


Wana battle cent


Ok this will be for rome


What’s clan wars


Clan wars is when two or more clans go to war to decide which clan has best players


Im putting up a map the purpose being to conquer territor for yourself or your clan


I would be keen to try out! How do we take it from here bro?