The start of the T.R.R clan(The Roman Republic is recruting )


Get off my padge


Stop trying to recrut my guys whene thay come to my padge its cus thay wana join this clan


I did once then you told me to stop and I stoped


I post cuz we are talking on your page


Dont wory about my skill I will be better for I study many books on war


I have many years to be a great comander


Same I am better than all my men


Exept for him I forgot about him sice he has only been in the clan for 2 days but he is more of my mercenary


Hi there, can I join your clan


Sure just add T.R.R infront of your name


Can i join too


Sure just add T.R.R infront of your name


Im leaving the clan to find some work for myself im sorry about this


What do you mean?


I dont do well with people in certian situations. If you kbow what i mean


No not really but you can leave if you want


New rankings corected


CAN Iā€™m i join T.R.R


Sure just add T. R. R infront of your name and play a lot your in


We now have a logo hear it is.