The start of the T.R.R clan(The Roman Republic is recruting )


Sure I want thebes


Can I join? I am new but so far I have been only winning


Sorry man this clan went inactive I am SCIPIO but I got a new account but go to the Mongol Hord I will be make a clan later on but for now I’m in a clan the Mongol Hord so just ask No Mas if you can join


the ARF is recruiting


I am part of it right


I would love to join the clan


Rommel, this clan doesn’t exist anymore


Sure just add TRR infront of your name


What, scipio, I thought you dismantled the clan already


I think I might return to TRR




Whats all this stuff about territory, i mean im new to this game i know how to play and win quite a lot as its about strategy but can any one help me learn about this game more and id join the clan i play this quite a bit now


I was the leader of this clan but all the players stopped playing so I made a new one if you would like to join its called The Royal Mercenary Guard so if you would like to join just add R.M.G infront of your name and what would you nead help in ill be happy to help you in what I know


Hi i have a question?


I realize that cause im new nobody wants to join my faction that i can request for an alliance?


Yes but this clan isn’t active any more


Now it’s RMG


Why whats the reason




So you are the new leader instead of warrior