The United Council


Based off the United Nations.

Here clan lords can counsel, as well as prepare for duels. Negotiation happens here, as well as friendly War. Rules:

To join The United Council, a clan must

1:Have five or more members
2:Be recognized as a clan by one more clan
3:Have a good description

Once being admitted into the United Council, there are a few rules
1:No War save friendly war
2:Help other clans in times of war
3:Do not abuse power over little clans

UC Clans

Friendly War
Friendly War is a series of practice battles between two clans to compete and see whichever comes on top. It is a 5v5, the clan with the most point winning. You get one point for 1v1, two for 1v2, and 1/2 for 2v1/2v2. You have one chance, fight wisely!