The Warrior's Bank


MIA? I got ten screens of you from the last two days! Sorry if I dont use all my SW time to satisfy ur constand need for revenge…which seldom gets satisfyed! But hey u’ve lost like 4-5 in a row so statisticly you should get me next time!


Here’s your MIA…worst glitch ever…but we dont complain we pull through! And keep your little lands and imaginary territories…imaginary gold and silver and shit!


Lol u know why im losing im trying new shit and u know thats true you never got true victories till these last few cause im trying new shit but glitch is a real bitch but non the less your getting wins cause you know im tageting ur cav to actually defeat u cause my other tactic distroyed your ass but left your fast units leaving me chasing you so now i have to adabt but dont pride your tactics as the key to your wins its purly my desire to find a quick and efficient in time tactic to beat u causing a shift in my tactics and you know that shit im tired of being the one chasing. I know how to beat u slow but i have no patience to slowly search for best postion take out infantry and then a 1hr chasing down ur cav .exept when i run from u its fun giving u ur own tactics but glitches also fucks this up😂


Just wait soon enough you’ll be my bitch again exept not even your fleeing cav tactic will save u


You’re starting to sound pretty pathetic…here have some gold…build urself a tower…enjoy the view…villages on fire can be a beautifull thing!


Your bitch AGAIN!? Man ur crazy…


Coming from the man that has had threads started about there bitch tactics lol funny​:joy::joy::grinning::+1:


Im happy ur having fun in these times of despair…wipe ur mouth its foaming again!




How can i pay someone


Tag me if it is a transaction. You can give your money to whoever you want.


Ok i taged u on one but got no reply but too flick missle i give 7 gold pieces to flick and 8 gold pieces to the dude please thanks



3 g
15 c


10 c
5 s
1 g


Where do I put my screen shots and how does this work


this is where you put screenshots and this is how it works


K tgx




my first win after 2 months of not playing