The Warrior's Bank



These are the players who gained state income its been 5 days since they gained there territory can you please add the amount below to there account cent-7gold. dane-2g. mbkkr-5gold AUstate. Almighty-1g


11gold all gen+cav


I realized that I haven’t sent in a long time


Try to log in so it is easier to tell who you are.



Are you Eric_Alexndr?




do you want to use separate accounts?


No just put them in the same

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;;jgs;;;;;;;;;;XXX  UPDATE  XXX;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

:bank: UPDATE :bank:

Starting now there are three Warrior Bank medals that will be given to the players with the most Gold, Silver, and Copper. You may change any of your currency by posting in this thread.

10 Copper = 1 Silver
10 Silver = 1 Gold

Current Leaders:
Gold: Eric_alexdr_theg8
Silver: El-Duderino
Copper: mbkkr





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