The Warrior's Bank


I wrote mentallity, not technology…And yes Noremac you get exactly what Im saying!


And no…we dont have the same problems! We share some problems globally, but some not at all!


Lol when something angers you do u not get mad when you feel joyfull do you not show happiness when u put ur hand in fire do u not get burnt lol were all the same people like you just like to think a certain demographic are all the same and some how your better open ur eyers every one on this earth is the same just differant variations of every type :grin::grin::point_right::+1: we all live and hopefull after a long life we die so enjoy the ride


Might as well cash in one of my oldest and greatest victories…


Is this football.?:thinking:


Bro, you didn’t even fight him, he just fled, I don’t think they will consider that


:bank: I have converted all my gold to silver to get that second place medal :slight_smile:






Some problems we share!


Some we create.


Oh crini poor guy always looking at the uglyness of the world. Cheer up my friend


We’re looking from all angles, thanks for the concern…your a genuine guy!


Well, not all of us, but these we can see anywhere so I agree that these problems are very common. Even if I don’t experience any of those, I still agree that these are problems that most share


Granted he didn’t leave once all his soldiers retreated, that man had all his chances to counter my envelopment. Though his men were too afraid and ran, I did have some skirmishes but not fatal enough to harm any of my units. Thanks for cautioning me, but a win is a win.


5 silver please




If that is so then I could have posted twice the amount of photos I posted before


what do I get for these


Ummmm, there are different icons on the screenshots you posted. Are these all games you played. You should be able to log in with your forum account to play the game.