The Warrior's Bank


And alot of those are players on map that u can use in territory advancements


I beat Noremac… in the game of patience


Yeah man. Your awesome




Ya their all mine when I log in it won’t give me my name and logo on maps it just gives it to me on forum


Ok cool


I updated your holdings in the original post. There was a double screenshot and a defeat in there. Double check them in the future please. Welcome to our economy.



22gold all gen +cav



Ya I know I couldn’t see the defeat when I posted it the double screen was so you knew the name ofvguy I defeated


All good.


Do I get gold for it or what


Yes. It has been recorded in the original post.


How mutch


2 gold 2 silver 5 copper


Can I get gold too?


You sir, have 15 gold 9 silver and 5 copper. If you were to convert your gold to silver or copper you would have enough to gain one of the medals.

You can get more by posting screenshots here. I think someone else might have posted for you before?







I don’t think the defeating unknown players is count.?