The Warrior's Bank


On here they do




They are not on map tho


I don’t know


This is the bank where all players count towards currency. The territory map is where players can go against each other directly.




Normac add my 5 silver from warrior beast to my horse Lord account plz


Unknown players count as currency here in this thread. people on map can be used to gain and build your empire threw territory but you must post on other thread this one is used for unknown player victories translating to currency
Territory advancements can also make u currency by way of state income when a state territory is conquerd you can see your state income ballence in warchest account


You want to give warriorBeast 5 silver? He has to post here if he is sending it to you.


No no no you don’t understand I am warrior beast just on a mother account I don’t play with SCIPIO any more now I’m XENOPHON



Two of those arn’t mine


Delete the ones that aren’t yours, please.


I can’t but 15 are mine


Remove the ones that aren’t yours and I will add it to your account.


I have to look at all the screenshots to figure out their worth. I’ve already set a precedent to not accept post that include invalid screenshots.





Google and you’ll find out!