The Warrior's Bank



Woops sorry please ignore the last one, that was already posted.


The one with erwin rommel, sorry I posted 5 pictures in the same post, and cannot delete it,.


:bank: gotcha.


I will be joining the royal mecenary guards. Seems like every single clan that is popular just died completely, probably because of people joined just because the clan is popular and nevr did anything?


Uploading… Uploading…


Wtf pictures dont work













Real men do not fight lol
Real men make them lose morale


Does this count? XD


( if this actully counts then earning gold is too easy)


Can we get extra money if more than roughly 60% troops survive? Or having both calvalry and ranged survive giving us extra silver?


In my game you can obtain a gold mine field with 2 of these situation, more then 50%of units living, so there is a need for this screen exept it would have to a registerd player you fight and have more then half to count

To simplify
2×screenshots +50%surviving army against (registerd player)=1 gold field


It certainly counts. You did put in some time and deserve to get something out of it. Another reason is that it makes it easier for me to count. Also what if you had killed one of their units then they quit? Where do you draw the line? I already spend enough time on this esoteric screenshot banking business and don’t want to have to count corpses as well.



Your posts are at odds with each other. In one you say it’s too easy to earn gold and in the next you want more. Unfortunately, we have not had enough action in the economy to run into problems like inflation. I hope the thing does break before my eyes so that I can learn from it. This is all a experiment for me so thanks for playing.