The Warrior's Bank


But how do you acount for glitch crashing etc. Or what if a player just uses his own unregistard logo to quit it really shows no effort like nine tale said this is to easy


I think that our currency has such low value at the moment that no one will put much time into counterfeiting. But I do see your point.

I could potentially put a caveat on games with 0 casualties, but nothing I do will ever stop players from battling themselves on two different devices.


But then again it does push me to gain even more makes for goodcompitition


It is very hard to run a bank business, especially when there is none and it has to be on the forums as roleplay, but the exploits are really getting out of hands, fortunately there aren’t many people here that uses it, but in the future where players increase, lots of them will post here and eventually find out about cheats and exploits. You have the leverage to decide whether it is ellegible for earning money or not, you maintain this bank while we don’t, it is up to you to decide, with the case of enemies quitting I certainly do not want my screenshot to count, it is only sarcasm, I would feel a bit guilty if the enemy actually had an internet problem and disconnected, while I use that to profit.


Ya thats why i have my rule if your gonna fake it atleast you still have to waste the time to kill your own units which techneqly your still manuavering​:slight_smile::slight_smile::laughing:


The unregistered player had won a round before this, and totally annihilated me, I had posted this image as a ‘revenge’, which is obviously not nice if the opponent is stonger and quit due to internet problems, but its only meant to be a joke


But hey! Make this also a clan, maybe some people want to applie for it and do the job for you, and its up to you to decide who runs the business, if someone that understands and is active all the time runs it, you can just monitor and make sure nothing goes run, less pressure


Personally, I don’t always capture those screens myself. But matches like that are balanced in the sense that it happens to everyone. It could be a problem for inflation, but that is a normal economic trend and not as important as cheating/counterfeiting. This is something I will consider, especially as we grow. Still, any security changes must keep the system easy to use. The ease that it takes people to post screenshots (Which isn’t actually ideal) and the ease for me to update the thread is what has made this last so long.

If only we had something to spend the gold on :\


I wont make a clan out of this, but I do have my eyes open for people that I would trust to help me count screenshots. Cent I can trust, but no one else yet.


What! You don’t trust me oh man I’m out of the alliance I’m gonna take you guys out and ally myself to clan of chosa provence :joy:


Did someone just mention… Betrayal? I’m interested
Why does editing need a reason lmao


Also would you mind changing alexder the gr8 to centurion on leaderboard?


man when I get permission stuff im going to disrupt everything and cause chaos


I am literally so bad at this game I make a living out of screenshotting people quitting
Actually developing skill and playing the game is too much effort


Why did literally everything survive except for my general


Its not personal i just make sure all my screens are correct
And i name what i have on top and bottem making it clear i only load battles faught


Centurion I think your teammate messed up


When i play you we can have inf battle i like to inf battle but alot dont but ill induldge u


I was just kidding man lol


Ask recruits if this would be in there intrest. Some might like # and enjoy doing this banking. I personally make the screens easy to read by darking the gen and showing the bodies on the ground to ensure a battle insued you can always tell the tracks of the battlefield and were the main engagement was by bodies on ground i only screenshot gen +inf cav to avoid confusion