The Warrior's Bank










Thsi page is huge. If we are going to continue to do the warriors bank we should probs make a new one.


For sure. I am going to make a new one soon. I have coded a new bank that runs through a discord bot. Deposits can be made by posting here in the forum. I just need to finish the transfer methods so people can give money to each other and make a way for people to register their accounts on discord so transfers can be made their as well.

Lastly, I want to make a way for clans to make a bank account that will get extra gold.for screenshots. I’ll hopefully get this all running bey then end of the week. The main purpose of it all is to make it easy for anyone to take over the bank if I am gone.


The new bank is almost ready. There might be some bugs in the beginning but I think it will end up being a lot easier for me, or anyone, to maintain. In the next few days I’ll remake this thread and explain how to access the new bank.




Does this actually work


It does work! I still need to make it stay active on the Google cloud server where it is hosted, then introduce it to the main discord server. Then I’ll give a lengthy explaination of how to use it.


Getting the new bank hosted is taking longer then I expected, but this place will be renovated soon!






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