The Warrior's Bank



U posted the same one twise! But ur on Centurions team so am sure he will give u a pass, corruption runs high among the roman ranks!


yup i saw the double as well


didnt even bother to move the men just zoomed




I cant see when I upload :cry:


Hahaha, just take off the ones that are not supposed to be there, sorry



Make me aware of all screens double posted me or noremac i dont allow any cheating by me or my clan



same battle


@Eric_alexder_theg8 you have any idea what happened ???


thats weird here is my screen never seen this or heard of this for that matter


@Eric_alexder_theg8 look at the first screenshot its the same battle


the reason i charged my units in was because it said i already won


Lol this one shouldnt count cause we both have victorys which makes this a glitched game


of these pics the first two have doubles and the last two might be from the same battle


these are all from the long line of images that @Danesoto posted


Hahaha, thanks for deleting the ones that weren’t supposed to be there