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It’s wayward parables like that which make American christains such hypocrits. I respect religion and faith for the amount of mental practice it takes to believe in. That leap of faith. But I don’t mind telling you that probably none of it is true. Like no religion anywhere. This time the bankers are throwing Jesus out of the bank.


Or at least most all of it is untrue…you can agree with that.


I only exept paypal…even though am not a prosti, I’m merely an exhibitionist…although I could take a buck from an old woman, if she throws in a nice suite!


this topic seems to arouse a lot of interest maybe create topic religion ??? i mean this is THE WARRIOR’S BANK remember ???


didnt mean to reply to you you were just the last in line


i know the rest no need to say


Its just fine here Flick…Flick the forum police…freaking relax! Or should I post the 20 in a row of u?!


I don’t mind what topic is here at the moment. I’ll find those screenshots. I don’t normally only bash religion, but if it shows up in my thread all’s fair :japanese_ogre:


But although I am an American atheist I still respect Jesus.


I bet he would have made a great general if he was into that.


Jesus was a revolutionary…and he never said he was the son of God! The punkass rabbies did and put him on the cross! Jesus was a cool dude…


Unfortunately Jesus got crushed by the system…as many good young men have been througout the ages!


…and the worst thing…they made him into something he never meant to be and created a religion out of it! The rest is history…


Bro, read the Bible, you don’t really understand the past


Jesus is a creation of mankind to explain morality and the nature of good and evil. This is the plain and simple explanation. Religion before the bible were simply people travaling from village to village spreading stories handed down to them the jews compiled the stories of all religions dealing with morality and orginized and refind them as a metophoric/reality based book that attempts to explain the bigging to the end its all metaphore. At the end when u die i believe god judges you based on the person you think you are truly even if its a view you dont admitt to others


Bro…educate urself…are u in a Chinese school or a US school…sounds more like ur are in a US highschool! If so…unfortunately there will be some gaps in your education and overall knowledge that will be difficult to fill…there are allready!


Chinese High School


Unbelieveble you sound like an american kid…