The Warrior's Bank


There was so me glitch n ping complaining…lot of that lately! I dont know wtf thats about…sometimes I get a glitch…but shit…we play through that! Imagine me quitting a game because of a freaking glitch…naaah, we dont do that!


Imagine you not saving ur cav to run lol. Ping means connection if your glitching is high its impossible to catch ur coward cav so its a pointless game and im not gonna face glitching along with chasing u it makes your units jump and the more u run the worst it is and we all know how much u :running_man: :running_man:.and who gives a shit what the biggest coward on SW thinks u have no credit to complain and be heard your tactics are the most shamefull ive ever seen​:grinning::+1:


Ever heard me complain about shit like that? You wont either…ever!


He mad ya’ll…


…and nowadays he has a mandate to speak for everybody that plays SW! Sorry for opening my mouth mr United SW Nations! lol


I know u dont complain ur always on defence this ping problem actually helps your tactic drastically so many times ive lost my cav chasing your cav when glitch happends my cav hault and reset i dont notce till i look 4 them with u im chasing like 6 guys all at the same time so glitching can lose me the game and your shady ass will glorify in my defeat and claim your better lol. Most of your victory screens are all filled with ur few units chasing a whole army cause they quit


Save the drama for ur mama…


Hahaha, I am pure Chinese, not American


The reason why I have a different timezone from you is because I am from Asia


What part? I was just in Beijing for Lunar New Years


And want to go back


I originated from HeBei, but then my family migrated to the Philippines in the early 1900’s


Man how u gona kite when u got nothing left to kite with…shiiieeettt! You have to have your range left to kite Centurion goddammit! And preferably to have killed off your opponents range…Centurion goddammit! Get a grip man…

by the way its two screens of the same battle, so there is no missunderstanding! We’re telling a storry here…


And I usually I dont like calling opponents bitches…but this is an answer to Centurions name calling! My God did I stoop to his level…I hope I dont start foaming around the mouth soon!


So sorry my coward tactics are in there infancy but i assure u soon i will master your tactics against u ONLY others i will play honorable but u will get a taste of your own medicine and a waist of time unless you get tired of them​:joy::joy:


Learn from the one’s superior to you Centurion thats the spirit! When you cant beat them join them huh? In this case, use their tactics…lol




Is that foam hanging out ur mouth there!


You are talking alot but in the battle field ur MIA


Are you getting tired of your own tactics