The Warrior's Tournament


Mercenaries of the land,

During recent events wars have been fought, cities sacked, and gold plunded. Friendships and alliances arise while old rivalries continue. New warriors champion their standard, proclaiming their might. Yet still, there are nameless generals who play just as well as the rest. Amidst all this I still wonder, who is the best?

It has been too long since we have had a tournament. The last one I witnessed turned out pretty well and had a lot of support. But many of those players are no longer active. With this next generation and generals of old alike let us compete to see who is the best.

This tournament will consist of 2 rounds. During the first round all players will battle each other player no more than three times. After two weeks or when each player has battled every other player three times round 2 will begin. In round 2 the two players with the most wins will battle each other for 1st and 2nd place. The players with the second and third most wins will battle for 3rd and 4th place.

This tournament will have a buy in of 10 gold or 10 victory screenshots. You do not have to be part of the forum to participate in the tournament. To sign up without an account message n0remac #9451 on discord.

The winner will receive 50% of the total buy in pot and a special prize. Second place will receive 25%. The remaining 25% will be used for future events.

The tournament will begin on Sunday June 16th.

General N0remac
Advanced Reconnaissance Force

Tournament Grounds

Ah I wanna see who wins now


Could be you. Are you going to participate?


I’m in representing :fr:




IM IN representing the honorable ARF


Great to see some support. As of now the entrance fee is still in effect. Think of getting these 10 victories or 10 gold as a qualifiers round.


actually as a part of the ARF


oh hmm,


yeah… i do have it


I will reprisent the mercenary alliance


i will join


10 victories. I’ve got many more victories already


I believe you after seeing that match. I assume you were the one who split attacked the hill. It was a fun battle to watch. You can post the screenshots if you want. This tournament is a good way to engage in the economy without the monotony of uploading photos.


Merci !


I don’t post screenshot because I don’t take screenshot. Except when I win against Petit fou Preformatted text



I hope to see both you in the Tournament. You could even fight together if you want.


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You have defeated me in battle. With nine more victories you could compete in the tournament. Will you join us?



I am BTW Mannerheim I changed the name