Things that would make all gamers happy


I would love to see bigger battles and plz fix the sandbox , you have to control both armies which is not very fun.


Larger maps and more units - yes working on it. Sandbox - that’s the purpose, to be able to experiment and study the game mechanics. Additional solo scenarios - yes but later.


We should keep focus on main mechanics, like how we can easily use sandbox for more solo scenarios, it would keep file size small and compact as well as not causing to many grey hairs to pop up on the developer’s head. Otherwise I believe the custom army management will be released to public in given time but right now it’s early access only, and it would only be fair to give some time for KSE to enjoy his prizes before they are implimented into main stream


Lol, it seems to me that u think I’m the only person with early access. That is not true, anyone can sign up for early access. U are right in saying that custom armies will eventually be available for everyone, but for now it is a premium feature obtained thru early access.


@Jazz @nikodil I would actually like to see smaller maps where you get closer to the soldiers


Lol xD

Quite funny how he mentioned you, and only you :stuck_out_tongue:


Well considering I would have interest in such nor do I keep up with such of course I mentioned the only soul besides thruzan that I knew at the time to have early access, limited knowledge on a topic can lead to disapproving informational statements.