Things we'd like to see in Samurai Wars


Hey! I think what you have been doing is great so far. But there is always room for improvement. For now I would like to see in the next major update:
-cannon units
-being able to choose what units you want to start with before a match
-custom banners/flags for your units (the color of the units and banners/flags should be the same)
-a better main menu
-maps with more variety
Thats it for now, thanks for listening!


Yes, those are exactly the features I’m working on.


When is do you think the update will come? Also what game engine do you use


The approach will be continually pushing out “unstable” updates as betas (TestFlight / GooglePlay betas). Once they are stable enough they will be released in the app store channels.

I’m using my own custom built engine (C++ and OpenGL), but will using Javascript for scripting once I get that part working.


When you release that blessed highly anticipated update, fix the speed of the troops please. Every single battle I play ends in troops running in circles around the screen. If you could fix that please that would be awesome :slight_smile: I love your ideas about the banners and the shields and the forts. Incredible! This game is the start of something revolutionary to apps in the AppStore, no joke. And who knows where it will take you. Maybe you will add countries and diplomacy instead of it just being a field battle. Not like there is anything wrong with that… And one more thing. The controls are a bit wacky. Sometimes I accidentally spin my way around the map when i have my opponent by the neck. Good game - AMAZING potential. Let’s see some updates, eh!!!


I have and ideas for battle mechanics.

-This may be already implemented but units will move EXTREMELY slow when bunched up in other units of soldiers. I am seeing lots of people grouping up the soldiers then do a giant charge afterwards.

-A sprint button or charge because the only way to move fast with units is if they’re locked on to enemy units, and speaking of a sprint button, a stamina bar I guess because sprinting for a long period of time will have negative effects.

I can see lots of ways how this great game can always become better, and I hope you can implement these features later on.


I have several ideas, a lot of which you have already mentioned, but still ideas

  1. Choosing armies before the battle, because I have some awesome Ideas regarding 20 Guns vs 20 Guns… Oh the slaughter…

  2. Siege Battles. What else do I need to say?

  3. Singe Player and Multi Player historical scenarios. Like at the end of the Samurai Era with one side Imperial the other Shogunate.

  4. More realistic simulation. It is so annoying when a new player just charges in his whole army, barely wins (although these “Banzai” charges are easy to counter if you think), and acts like the new MVP.

  5. A Campaign. This would just be fun, and Multi Player campaigns… That would up the ante for almost every game out there.

  6. I like Mr. Felix’s idea to add new periods, it would make this game rival Total War!

  7. 3D Graphics. I think me and everyone want to be able to zoom in on your men while they fight, or watch your gunners gun down people… I’m totally not a Sociopath…

  8. Battles Replays. That moment when you shrek someone but u can’t watch yourself do so… i cri evry tim…

  9. Larger maps. If you were to make Fog of War (another good one) you would need larger maps so that it would be realistic that the different sides wouldn’t see each other.

  10. Line of sight. Ties in with last one.

  11. More units. Remember when I said Historical scenarios? There would need to be Imperial units because they weren’t Ashigaru (I also think Ashigaru are a bit too weak in game, because in real life they were a lot more firm). Also maybe Matchlocks, and Arquebusier Cavalry.

Could go on for hours, but I don’t like torturing people. Or do I? Dun dun duhhhh

Countries of Samuri and stuff

You brought my idea when you said forests when you move troops into forests make them invisible unless seen by the enemy when they are close or attacked

Records, Ratios, And Real Tatics, Castles

The campaign seems great but we are still very early in development fog of war seems good and factions are a must need


when your troops are attacking the enemy flees off the map make it where troops automatically stop becuase its already alot of micro-managing with the controls and mishaps


I know this may seem a little difficult, but it would make Samurai Wars way more Stregic!

The abality to sale in More Samuria’s with Boats and The Abality to Hide them in Forests!

Especially if you can Pic the Type of Units you want to Come to Asist!


The Part that could Make or Break a Great game this is becoming would be Fortresses… Not Too Sure how to Make it Flow with a Fortress but, you Could Start it out as if you get to Pick your own Plot and Plots!

There would be Different Size Plots, and always the abality to Expand a Plot! You may even Make the City ab able to Share a Small Castle, by designating part of the Plot!

I know the Word Ever Expanding is an Untold Term in Coumputing Games, But there are ways around it, for One letting Players Expand there data Space in the Form of Land with Actual Money is one, but Not Desirable

The Other Way, is Available Data Space With Game Created Currency, and Setting Faction Ownership over Land!

The Key to this is the way you’d Start!! Say buying a Small Plot and Forging goods to sell at Market Places, and Consumables Your Palace Citizens Use!

In Other Words it Would Be Much Like SimCity but, The Castle Owner or Who Ever Owns Majority of the Palace, Castle, extra

Can Sell There Goods to other Players, and rent out Plots in there Castle!
Maybe Even Have Infuance over Market Places to earn More, and pay Others to Defend them in Time of Need!

Now this Is All About What Equipment you Manufacture, Equip, and The Builds your Allow to Build Pertaining to a Rich, Poor or Reguar Sector, with the rules of ones Role in your Palace!


Yes, adding strategic mode(s) is definitely part of the long term goal. It will require some infrastructure in order to smoothly integrate with the tactical level play, but I see a lot of possibilities with this.


I know we are very early in development, these are just ideas


I’ve got to ask,… If a Siege Game Mode or say Factions Game Mode with Palaces, Would be more like a Sim City type of Palace

What do you Guys Think about a Sim City type of Palace Builder?
1st. You Pick a Faction or Create One, then Pick a Plot or Plots.
2nd. You pick the Desired Type of Palace Sectors and Over All Structual Design, wich also Depending on your Palace Layout you Designate Certain Building Plot, or mini Structers with in Poor, Rich or Other Sectors a certain Type of Mini Facility, to a General Purpose.

Example: Equipment, Weapons- Things that Relate to your Troops and there Weapons & Armor, or Markets, Banks- related to the Economy of the Palace, Bakery’s, Wine- OverAll Citizen Consumables… But jus in General!

Don’t really need little Sprites Running Around, or a Different Building for Each Kind of thing and things Citezens would Need, so to Say the Least it would be more About Paths, Dirrect Route & Efficientcy!

I Persenaly Think the Palaces and Castles Should be More of a Siege an Pillage with Deffiencess, like Walls and Defence Towers, witch Troops Could be Designated too!

I also would say that along with Walls and Towers, that the Reasone there would need a General Purpose Economic System.



The first part doesn’t fit with this genre of game at all. Something like that is what we kinda do in minecraft and other games similar to it (see Das Umardolische Kaiserreich - The Umardolothian Empire, and Der Jayixthenreichescherland)


I for one would love to see customizable armies and icons. However, I also have a few ideas I believe are unique.

-perhaps most importantly a remodeled menu, I see lots of new players simply fail to navigate it and quit a great game before their adventure even starts.

This one is kind of a stretch and all hypothetical:
-perhaps a currency system based on performance where you can hire real historical generals that will provide morale boosts to any troops nearby. For example, a really good one might rally the surviving troops to attack, where they would normally flee.

-with customizable armies, it would be great to have experience as a factor. For example, there could be three tiers of troops: green/Unexperienced, hardened/regular and grizzled veterans. Their cost to the army build could be affected by the experience of the troop selected.

-being able to name units and reuse the same ones who survive battles (obviously refreshed for the next one). Maybe each individual unit could have a name (optionally) to see them more as real, historical people and less as just temporary colors on a screen. It would be much more heartbreaking to see my favorite archer unit get reduced to nothing, or to see my grizzled cavalry smash enemy lines. It would also add somewhat of a historical value to the whole battle.

Thank you for a great game regardless


I’m currently reworking the user interface (making it html based), which will make it much easier to improve the in-game menus and dialogs. Army customization is on the to-do list. There have been many interesting ideas and suggestions for adding context to battles, and I will come back to that later on when scripting system has been fully implemented.


Yes , artillery is much needed and upgrades for troops.


Nikodil, I was wondering if the roadmap has changed at all, and if so, in what ways?