Things we'd like to see in Samurai Wars


There’s ways to counter the unicorn rainbow screen



Too bad, I don’t want you to


Then there should be rainbow stringers attached to the archer’s arrows, so while letting their arrows loose it forms a rainbow


I’d like to see a Clan v Clan Conquest kind of season. During the conquest season, members of clans fight one another to take over province by province. Off season, a tax is collected from those provinces, and with that tax you can buy better equipment for your troops, or buy equipment that boosts your troops in a way that fits your play style. The Tax money is destributed between the amount of clan members equally of course.


New maps in the standard rotation. Not the β€œcustom” map option for custom battles. Just new standard maps in rotation


Nikodil before you read this I’m not trying to be mean or anything this is just me trying to give suggestions.

  1. I personally fell that more ranged units should be added. Such as long boss and slingers.
  2. The units should be able to go in to different formations. Such as maybe a triangle formation as cavalry. Or Shelton for the pikemen.
  3. Artillery would make this game so much more interesting. More intense thrills. So make the artillery low accuracy rate but high damage and a option to make it fire flame balls with more damage but lower accuracy. And non flaming with higher accuracy.
  4. Naval warfare. Such as galleons and troop floaters. Also with a speacil one with fire throwers on the front.
  5. Maybe a currency’s where the units each cost something and you only have a certain amount of create more dynamic battles. The currency should be controlled by the host of the match.
  6. The army sizes should be different with a more deverse roster. So maybe a player like to have more quantity over quality.
  7. Also the lobby needs a huge update. Higher quality. The depth is so shallow.
  8. The in game animation is not good. It is more based off of being far away from the battle. I feel the animation needs to be updated with the grass needs to be a better color. And the rivers and oceans need waves to be added and a darker color because this is not the Caribbean. Also the death animation is just a flash then a body on the floor. Maybe some kill animations could be added. The biggest thing to me is the in game animation.

I would like feed back for the average players in what the think. Once again niko I’m not trying to offend you in any way I know you are trying your best.

King of cavalry


@JoeX51 I’m much better at programming that map making, so I will not be doing any new maps, but instead focus on developing and improving the map making tools so that you can more easily create the map you want to play on.

@KingofCavalry All good suggestions, and I plan on implementing all of them eventually.


I can make maps. Just wanted new maps in the rotation instead of only in custom games

Is it possible to give you a couples maps I’ve made?





Also @nikodil you should add crossbows to the skirmishers


Also I’m good at making maps


Many contributions have already been done so far, and all of them would help to improve this fantastic game. I will simply add three points that might help to provide wider opportunities in terms of strategy.

  1. Different types of units available to customize your army. So can have your own tactics. All units available to any player.
  2. Campaign map where you can set up your banners, and each banner woulb be an army, and only you know how many units you have in each banner. This provides possibilities of straegy at a campaign level.
  3. Campaign missions.

Hope this helps.



Can we make custom armies yet I’ve been playing this game since August last year waiting for custom armies


Yes, it’s called Early Access


As of now… you can only have custom armies in Early Access. Soon there will be an implementation for which you will be able to customize your full army.



This sounds complicated but maybe make it so units have Different formations you can select.

1.That makes them tighter together (brace formation) that makes it so cav can’t charge through them but maybe lowers attack speed or something like that so the unit is weakened but they can hold a line better.

2.Alsohave other formations for cavalry like the wedge where the cavalry gets a big charge bonus but doesn’t fight as well.

I don’t know if any of this is possible but if either of those things are it would be cool to see implemented.


@Brando02 It’s on the to-do list


Ok cool and by the way you are doing an amazing job on this game and it’s one of my favorite games on iOS.


So I think your doing a great job but I think there are a few things you could add like 3vs3 or 4vs4; you could Alison add map so we’re someone has to defend a certain place and if they lose that place then the battle isn’t lost


Making units in motion halt by tapping on them like we could before