Things we'd like to see in Samurai Wars


GET RID OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH MAP. it’s stupid. Landscapes are not symmetrical.


I kind of thought it challenged several forms of tactics, and led to improvised strategy that could always be relied on making more interesting battles. About half the battles I silently watch are valley of death due to its simplicity and idealistic terrain, in truth there have been several historical battles in valleys that have lead to extreme campaign halts, usually in the tracks and 360 degrees around. If you are having trouble winning there I can give a few tips.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but a freindlier interface would improve the game, I think. The menu can be confusing and when in battle the interface is also confusing if you don’t know what you are doing.


I just think being able to pre choose your troops would be nice. Sadly you pay for that part so far, just wish I could since it would help make tactics easier to decide before noticing I have crap troops compared to the orderly ranks of the guy who got four musket units


True. I came back because I forgot to mention that troop blocking is a must, it’s pretty annoying when people just run straight through your infantry to get your ranged.


Love your work on this game, I know I’m giving ideas but this game is already really good. It shocked me to find such a good forum and dev, keep it up please!


Am I stupid, or is there no mute button for the music?


Haha, we are all waiting for that one. I do love the music though.


I’d like working map building, and mabye if you could see units closer that would be good


I’d just like it stable


I’d like to see more custom name players on
:martial_arts_uniform: And if there was anyway to keep track of win/loss ratio


Ide like to see diferant factions and abe able to get closeecloseer to the units like a zoome


1v1v1v1 battles like many players battling each other


That would be cool


Been asking for this for a while. We should see this sometime in the next few years hopefully.


I would like to see Settlements which we defend