This is my new account


My that account is no longer alive idk why I can’t login in it so I made a new account from now I will play from this account


Oh that was you - no wonder your connection sucked


Lol glitch have nothing to do with my connection


Yes because it almost never happens with other players


Nope if you have poor connection then that would be glitchy for you and if I have a poor connection then that would be glitchy for me not for you your game would be perfect and smooth


Hum hum… Nobody ever reported glitches to me, nor am I Experiencing glitches with others in 95 pct of cases under normal circumstaeg (glitches are frequent with 3G or when used in train)

But every time I play with you these glitches are back.

Besides Many players have had glitches playing with you… So… Perhaps… It’s something to do with you.


It’s a system your devices arnt syncing so its a syncing issue some devices dont synce well and almighty were wouldyou like to be placed on map


Nope no one had or have glitches withe you can see and ask anyone no one reported it only u have glitches it seems


Why not


Greetings Almighty 2.0. I would be honored if you joined the Advanced Reconnaissance Force for you new beginning.