This is probably getting annoying (my ideas) Just READ


So with people maybe creating a new role playing clan every week
You start to lose track of all the clans so my idea is that you I don’t know register I guess I reall y don’t know just do you guys like it?


Yes like a UN that recognizes clans,and if not recognized your clan is dismanted


I don’t even recognize 50% of the clans here, among them the Jesus Clan, the Asskicking clan, the United Islands, all of the inactive clans, and a few others. I think they should be allowed to do what they want, but it’s up to others to take them seriously.


Het heil
Well everybody’s not you


My point is people should be allowed to make clans, but it’s up to others to respect and recognize them.


Okay sounds okay I’m mean it’s just a lot of clans


Tseng is right, it’s everyones choice to recognize another clan or not. On the other hand, it’s not a requirement that everyone recognizes that clan in order for it to exist… :wink:


True,but you need to recognize it in order to interact with it.