To those who have or interested in discord


Hello fellow warriors
To those that have discord or that are interested in talking and paying with players that follow no rules or morals when fighting…I am Tulak Hord. Looking for someone to create a discord channel for 18+ and up to talk freely and openly just like the old days when steel and fire was our protection. To those skilled enough and have enough spunk to take a few insults should they be insulted…I welcome you warriors of old.


I have the app, tryed once never got it working…voice chat ingame would be epic!


You don’t know how to use it?


Haha that’s what we use…it’s way more fun…we can always use the samurai wars discord voice rooms if it makes it easier for others…


I have been in a room…conected…the only thing that happened was the sound from the game went quiet…and I guess people have to be connected at once of course…but how do you know anyone ever is?


Just talk and communicate…we play on a private server with rooms but I’m sure we can all join the general room or rooms that allow those that are playing to talk and what not…usually call out our names and time joining in sync is usually the hardest part…


It will show the players profiles in the room


@chikacrni you guys want to do a chat next Sunday I want to record a video for yt maybe


Yea, lets hope we can sync