Tournament Grounds


This is the official tournament thread. Please only post here about tournament matches any questions can be asked in the old thread!.

Round One:
The purpose of this round is to set the brackets for the second round. The rules are made so that you will be rewarded for playing frequently and for being a competent general. In round one, you will try to get as many wins as possible. You may fight each other player three times. Who you fight and whether or not you do all three matches is up to you. There are a couple ways to game this system. You could fight each player once, learn their strategy, then practice for a week before playing them again. Even if you do not win the most matches in round one you will still have a chance to fight your way to the top in round two.

As an example: If I defeat another player once and they defeat me twice I will get one win and they will get two. After these three battles no more matches between us may be counted.

Round One Rules:

  1. You may fight each other player up to three times.
  2. Matches can last no more than 40 minutes
  3. At the end of the time limit, the screenshot must be posted for the winner to be judged either as a win or draw. (This is mainly to deter people from running).
    Round one ends July 1st. After that, a bracket will be made to battle for first, second, and third place.
  4. Disputes will be settled by me with reference to previous tournaments.

@Noremac, @Haiderkhan, @GeneralNapoleon, @Eric_alexder_theg8, @KSE, @bob_the_shogun
Each of you should use discord to set up matches. You have until July 1st to get as many wins as possible before proceeding to the final round. Any newcomers who would like to join have until July 1st to register. Have fun and play nice!

      ((o))        Round One Wins            )
      \U/_______          _____         ____/
         |                                  |
         |     Bob_the_shogun-              |
         |     Eric_alexder_theg8 - 1       |
         |     GeneralNapoleon -            |
         |     Haiderkhan -                 |
         |     KSE -                        |
         |     Noremac - 1                  |
         |____    _______    __  ____    ___|
        /A\                                  \
       ((o))                                  )


Here is my first win against Arti.


I challenged @Eric_alexder_theg8 and he defeated me. I shall practice and face him again at the end.


There is only one week left in round 1. All those who are still participating should play some matches.


How is the tournament going?


Obviously no one is playing.


Thats too bad mate!


Can I join


Sorry pall this tornament ended a month ago


There are clans you can join though.