Tournament preparations


With 10 players saying they want to participate in the tournament I have proposed I’ll start formal preparations. Keep in mind you can still join if you are interested. So those who have signed up I’ll take your time zones and emails and contact you all for best times.

For those interested in joining the tournament do this survey for me please.

The link went bad but it is now fixed.

Sign up for beta here


Who’s playing I might be interested.


I would like to join. Vegas. Pacific.


No one op I don’t think. You can sign up here.


Sign up interest here.


The link doesn’t work fo me but I’d like to play in the tournament.


Fixed the link.


I think I filled mine out but i had some concerns about the match making. You ask if we have a preference on a specific player for a partner in 2v2 matches. I don’t but I’d like to know who it is before hand. Maybe setup some practice sessions and or at least get some good code words for specific strategies and troop movements. If that’s not possible then yolo!!!


Yes you would be matched with someone in advance and given notice. Best way to contact once the tournament is set up is through discord.


Link fixed?


It should be working now. It says it is private but try it and let me know


for those that were interested here about the tournament check the announcements. there you will find not only preparations but a true tournament coming up very soon.


Nothing yet


I would like to be in any asskicking competition

-The Asskicker