Tournament RECRUITMENT for teams Centurion, Nox, tchvador and Bob_the_showgun reply to sign up



join centurions clan H.S.C reply to this post let me train u climb my ranks and join my members in battle if u love ths game as much as i do join my clan


join crini khan The Golden Horde reply here


Bob_the_showgun reply here





is ths guy ur recruit


Could you tell me what should I do ?


Yes he is if he chooses to be you in ?


Just battle as many players as you can


But really how did you make Tchvador from Tchavdar!?


ha now i get a reply from u for this lol i dont know man ur names are so forein to me i dont even know how u even say ur name so of course I’ll probly spell name wrong n i dont care to spell correctly to much ide like to get ur name right but at end of the day to me this is still just 4 fun


What’s this about?


it used to b a tournament but all the members had a falling out due to lack of schedule on there part and it all fell apart so the story is the true fake story of what happend real drama fake story but ever1 is all cool wit each other now it was for our tournaments


Cent go to discord forum and put your discord tag nuber I will invight you to the channel


centurion# 1912 and i do my page threw painter app cut n paste got more details if u want them people are gonna wanna c there name and an image up in a clan if u just recruit and type there name in forum page people most likly will lose intrest u must keep in contact with clan members but thats only my clan my clan is more to teach but ur clan u can do how ever but to keep it from being a dead clan u must do more then typing words give them a purpose like im gonna try to do in this upcoming task game but still working on it


I’ll join when you ready hmu


Ill beat u


And i mean every single one of u


Let me kno when yall ready