Tournaments are back!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have taken it on myself with help from the developer to make a new tournament and the planning and preparation starts now.
Fill out the survey here.

Then if you want to add something just reply and I will work on it.
That’s all for now.
Edit: the original survey did not function correctly and has since been fixed also when it says it is private it means I alone will see the information and no one here can view the information recorded without me knowing it and it will not be shared without expressed consent.


Get Discord :slight_smile: I can add you to a chennel full of real good players there , we can have some epic matches .


I have discord and will work on making a official one for all of the players that can be managed well also don’t forget to do the survey to get into the tournament and have input into it.


Oh , our discord channel for samurai wars is

Expires in 20 mins


Well I wasn’t here immediately but I will work with the dev to make a official one


Cool man good looking out


Just filled mine out✌🏽️


Hey just DM or put up a 12 hour link please so I can get on that server so the active players there can get the survey link