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If @thanglam is still active @kamakazi and I challenge him to a battle for Lixus.




I want Scythia plz


Guys are you gonna finish replying


Did u win
If so i need screenshot or @Kamikaze can acknowledge the battle loss



With the resources I have traded with Kamakazi and the battles I have won against warriorBeast I claim the Damatitia coast (east of Italy). @chief_faceless seems to be gone so I claim his lands as well.


So do I get scythia cent


I had two wins against him, but I will let him keep his holdings in Morocco and will lend him my stength to defend it. My victories against him can go towards growing my claim on the Damatitian coast.


Wait, Cent, do I choose a land to take from you after the 5 battles?


Ya u can u can choose any destination on map of territory i occupy or just post a screenshot if no spacific destination is requested i will give u the nearest territory of the player u beat


Just edit ur post and pick ur destinations place the state name above ur screenshot 1 territory per screen


I cant see what you own in the map, it is a little blurry


no Normac you are not invading the dude s balakanic territories of the duderino :crazy_face:


Yes. Unfortunately Croatia will not yet come under my control.


Dude you are general of The Roman Republic while I don’t play k


I challenge the owner of Lixus for his territories


I believe that is @Thanglam. If he is not here I will fight for him at a disadvantage.

If you give me the high ground I will fight without Samurai. It will be kind of like you are invading a city.




Kamakazi won our Lixus city battle. @Thanglam has a two more days to respond.


How to get on map guys??? I don’t have discord, I am gonna ask mum to let me get it so I can join in the wars.:grinning: