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So… We use samurai wars to decide who gets what?


Why you’re not playing tho?


Yeah. That’s how it goes. You can ask for a place on the map, then start battling people around you. There is action going on in the Balkens, Italy, and Morocco now. Some stuff in Asia too I think.


Hi Noremac, wanna play?



In a best of 3, i won for the full lower half of serbia


U will have to name specific destinations im not familiar with geo im only going off of map and you can only take territor of players you have beaten


So i cant join the balkan war


Ya u can u just have to challenge players in that area if they dont respond u get there territory Or someone can choose to fight in there name to oppose you if they dont respond


Noremac joined the war right?


And he took serbia


Not sure theres alot. i have to update today but I’ve been busy with family and life stuff but i try to play atleast 1 a day if not more at different periods of day i try to update often its an easy process but sorta time consuming and my app i use sometimes crashes cause of low space im going to make positions to help this process go faster. I think normac is playing players in certain areas thats what he means by belkin war


Ah ok


This is so. I have pushed into the Dalmatian coast by defeating warriorBeast but was stopped at Croatia by The Dude. Meanwhile Danesoto has been winning the war to the south. He should now control Kosovo and southern Serbia.

All who are interested in the Balkan war should check out this map.


As it stands I believe that I hold North Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovnia. The Dalmatian coast is along side the water in Bosnia & Herzegovnia and Montanegro, looks like I don’t quite have all of it.

Danesoto has Kosovo and southern Serbia.

Eric_Alexander has Macedonia and his clan has holdings in Montenegro and the south of Croatia.

The Dude hold the northern part of Croatia and also some land in Albania or Kosovo. The Dude and Danesoto should probably figure that out.


Hay guys can I join lol, please just slot me in anywhere


Ya but im currently updateing, i will put u on map as u post screens of players u defeat or players u challenge and dont reply, this will be for all players with less then a 50 day mark on profile (exeptions may be made) to avoid having non active players fill the map also. To all new players wanting to join .the maps getting crowded but if u are a daily player i will add u


for territory in roma


The game got boring it’s not like real life you can’t use ancient stratagy to win and my phone is glitchy so I can’t beat the good players no more and after the battle with HSC over clan beads to make alliances with the other clans

Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)

I didn’t only stop you bro hahaha, I conquered you!


I want to fight for territory.