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no ping at bottem left means connection lost


Update april 10 tuesday 10 pm

blue lines are last movement red bubbles are current movements red doted lines are past movements



!Warrior Beast marched towards Scythia as close as possible beating blue white pattern in Parthion Empire where he camps


Hay can I have scythia or Greece plz


U gotta beat almighty white n tan or crini to get scythia and normac owns alote of greece so battle them to get on those area


Crini I can’t battle he runs his god dam army the whole game I end up giving up and then he post’s the victory it’s like WTF TGOand Nox won’t even battle me hell TGO won’t even talk with me except on forum after I beat him 2 in a row and Nox will always avoid me whene I go to his room


White and tan playes


stfu…u I beat in a head on bumrush…please


On top of it all ur more of chatter than player…U like going into game saying “sup”, having discussions, talking clans on the forum and all kinds of bullshit…exept for getting busy…so…as they say…nigga please!





Little conquests from duderino please amigo, on behalf of TRR


Balkanic wars… Bloody ones… Good fight Normac


It was an epic battle. I tried my hardest and feel like I have bettered my strategy in this battle for the Balkans. With the loss of this battle, my army shall retreat from Serbia to the abandoned camps of the Faceless Man on the Dalmatian coast. The war to come will not be so simple…


ARF and TRR have recently formed an alliance. Though you need not hold to TRR’s agreement I humbly request that instead of driving my armies off the coast of Dalmatia we fight together to take the rest of Serbia from @Danesoto in the name of El-Duderino.


You shall have my faithful consent Lord Nocemac




Kamikaze army has marched to Tingis and demand its surrender


@GooseFeetNoodles is in control of that territory. He is part of H.S.C. so if he is not active @Eric_alexder_theg8 may fight in his name.

Eric is a very strong warrior. You may have to request a handicap, or we can take him on together.


Indeed i will fight in his name bit i will still see if he goose will apear for atleast 1 battle


Sanatorium is part of TRR clan also he is one of my active players