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Can everone delete conversations that are not naming territory or involve territory map to avoid confusion during update its cool if u have a conversation on here but please delete after by clicking trash if there not related to game PLEASE



Woah, wait what? I thought that I am part of TRR


Oh, now i see, nvm


Are you a part of TRR?




Ok I will upload some battles centurion


How do i build a map on IOS ipad need help


I would like to challenge @Noremac for his territory near Epirus, in the Balkan States.


the esteemed leader and general of the advanced recon force will not let you take one territory all of the arf will fight you to the last drop of blood you shall not pass!!!


You Shall Not Pass!! quot Gandalf the Gray


When will you like to battle for tingis


whenever you are ready


How about 5 pm mountain central time would that work for you


5 pm mst


Centurion, we can put random battles to claim lands? I mean random?


Battles i witnessed


Centurion, so we can post random battles to get lands?


No but if there are clan members that are not on the board for every 3rd screen of non board player you 1 territory of there clan mate


Kk, haha