((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


But there might be a place for random screens they won’t get you territory but will act as currency


What do you mean by currency


Money to buy walls to keep from constantly defending territory once you own a whole state and other stuff, still brainstorming so if you got any ideas shoot them me


Noremac, I challenge you for northern Serbia


Hey Centurion, you wanna play?


Rightnow isnt the best time im out not currently home


Oh ok, I am in school though, hahaha




New elemants coming soon not currently but soon


i claim byzantium from the user with the purple icon


I claim his territories near dasama in Indian region I have many territories there I will start my new conquest from that region by defeating neighbors


Why only that territory which he he have in Spain?


I want to start my own Empire and kingdom from one land and spread it from that land to whole world


I had no territory before today i gained 2 but i lost to A so he gets the territories i claimed correct?


I don’t understand what are you saying


I won my territories back and won his too


Lol the greens confused me i thought u were requestin the same territory in spain he just won in this cycle i just looked back n seen u didnt request that sorry guys im a dumb shit :grinning::joy:


Can u edit ur destination request into ur screens above please it would help me in update just incase more screens are loaded i dont have to try to find it not that its that big of a problem but helps speed it up


Ok so your confirming he won that territory in spain? If so just remove your post claiming territory against him by clicking trash