((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


Yes he won the territory i took in spain i’ll delete the post and its all good lol im new to this tho so idk how it works exactly yet


Also that green M icon on the map isnt me i didnt have any territory before today


Lol ya it is i just forgot to put it on top



That green M is not you .?he have same name as you


Its him i just forgot to name him on top if thats not him the profile had his exact name


What about this


Just treat it as him. I will replace that pattern with his current pic soon


If green M is him then I want his territory near india




If India isn’t named India on this map can you give me a general region example top map left corner etc. or a place named on map




The territory map is based in ancient times so names arnt the current modern names


Edit how.?


On ur post of screens will be a pencil click it it will alow you to edit watch out not to mess up your screeshot wording it will mess up your screenshot


I won 4 territories from him,what about them


Your free to pick anyother territory he owns


I will bookmark them on as


Bookmark???if it messed up ur screens post out side of ! Thats the biggining of screenshot code


This one I need specially and you can give me his any other 3 territory anywhere your choice but I need this on